Get Involved

We are currently seeking volunteers across North America who would like to join our cause. Disasters happen anywhere and, in most cases, devastate entire communities. By joining, you’ll be directly supporting sustainable relief efforts aimed at helping victims and their families.

We understand not everyone can lift heavy loads for an extended time periods, and that not everyone can take a week straight away from your home life. We are confident however, that if you’re passionate about serving others, we have a place for you.

Here’s a brief outline of what being an EQUIProject Foundation volunteer would entail.

Step One: Assess Damage

Local team leaders who are close to the disaster meet with local government agencies and/or other partners and determine if there is a need for us to assist. If a need exists, planning initiates.

Step Two: Warning Order

A warning order notification is sent after approval. A post in the EQUIProject Foundation Volunteer Facebook page is made to assist with coordinating sign up/scheduling of local volunteers along with an email notification about the warning order. Members of our volunteer force are arranged in waves based on availability and location to the disaster.

Step Three: Set Up

The local incident coordinator will set up a rally point and do an initial assessment of what is needed. They will coordinate with the volunteer liaison informing them of the size of a team that can be supported at most, and what is initially needed. There may be times when we are full meal support and other times when we may only provide side dishes.

Step Four: Go

Volunteers who have sent their confirmed availability will be called based on location and need. We will do our best to provide timely updates to those who have signed up to help with the latest disaster relief project.

Step Five: Homeward Bound

Demobilization for volunteers is based off of the event itself. Small scale events may call for a few days, where larger scale disasters may call for weekly waves. Regardless of what the disaster holds, you demobilize at the same time as your volunteers team. Upon completion of needed assistance, the entire operation will demobilize until the need arises to assist at the next disaster.