Base Camp

The EQUIProject base  camp consists of three customizable units with commercial-grade components designed to operate off-the-grid as a post-disaster micro enterprise, or base camp — all with the ability to function independently.

Core Capabilities

Kitchen Hauler Concept.PNG


  • Solar and propane included, generator optional

    • 100-watt solar panels

    • 12V VPR lithium batteries (120Ah ea.)

  • On-board device charging

    • Up to 60 devices per base camp

  • Standard off-board power 

    • Up to 60 devices (Phones, laptops, CPAP)

    • Unlimited additional off-board power available

  • Wi-Fi capability available

Trailer Design

  • Electric brakes

  • High-quality Aluminum construction; lightweight, no rust

  • Torsion axles create a soft ride for trailer and equipment - 5,200 pound weight rating

  • 15” radial off-road tires

  • 10’ & 12' units can be transported by UTV and most vehicles; 22’ hauler with a half-ton truck or greater

  • Hauler enables an additional 2,000 lbs of carrying capacity to carry ATV, relief supplies, or water

Composite Housing

  • Weather, mold and insect-resistant composite walls with R5 value insulation

  • Strength-to-weight ratio exceeds other materials used for similar purposes

  • Work/storage surface inside

  • Heavy-duty directional slides enable interior components to extend from the trailer

  • Locking doors to secure the unit

  • Direct-print branding capabilities